remember my post last week about dreams?  weeeell, it got me thinking.  what else do i dream of?  being a mother, wife & everything else tends to slow you down, not always looking towards the bigger picture.  but it's here.  big picture time.  so, without further ado, i give you my bucket list, shamefully ripped off my buddy michel, whom i have yet to meet in person.  but i'm sure she won't mind.  she's a fellow photographer; she'll get it!

My Bucket List (in no particular order, to be edited over time, just b/c i'm female!)

1. get published.  doesn't matter what or where, just to see my name in print would be AWESOME!

2. sail the ocean blue.  in a pirate ship.

3. go see europe.  italy, france, spain, ireland.  bring it.

4. see all of my kids graduate & get married.  if they want to.

5. shoot a wedding, start to finish.  (check!)

6. photograph a wee baby.  (check!)

7. own a Thoroughbred.  just because i can.

8. compete in a horse show.

9. find the end of the rainbow.

10. be featured on shutter sisters. (check!)

11. get invited to blog with the shutter sisters.  ya, i can dream big!

12. own a coffee shop.

13. be a mother.  (check!)

14. qualify for boston.  booya!

15. attend the cavalia show.

16. be the guest of honor of a surprise party.

17. feel sand in between my toes in december.

18. photograph a celebrity.  for money.

19. start (and finish!)  the 100 strangers project.  b/c i need to break the ice between the world & myself.

20. visit the eastern coast of canada & the usa.

21. see california in person.

22. learn how to surf.

23. own a macbook.

24. buy & learn how to use photoshop.  the real deal.

25. learn how to dance from an expert.

so there you have it.  short but sweet.  let's just say it is a work in progress.  there will be more added & crossed off down the way.  but it gives me some direction; goals, if you will.

and if you have been patiently reading my post, you will now get a sneak of the baby shoot i was hired for last weekend.  which, of course, is on my list.  (check!)

how adorable is this, eh?  i love me some baby piggies.  so sweet.

xoxo aia

7/7/2011 08:34:36

That is quite a list and some of yours would be on mine as well.

7/7/2011 12:11:42

I love it!!! pass it on... I believe everyone should have a life list.
my gosh I'm with you on 19 (dang it why am I such a chicken?!?!?)
and 21 girl.... you and I some day. cali here we come

7/14/2011 17:20:37

Great list! Nice to see a few getting checked off, too.

Those baby toes are killing me! Gorgeous photo!


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