About Me
Hello, my name is Aia Clamp.  I live in southern Alberta with my husband, two boys & little girl. 
I have always loved landscape photography, inspired & encouraged by my father as a young teen.  I would take my  little 35mm everywhere & capture nature at its finest.  Although a bit more grown up now, I still believe in the beauty of film photography, which is used in all my work.
I  am drawn to natural light & a vibrant palette of color, which is evident in my sample work & portraiture .   You can also browse my photography in the flickr rivers.
When I'm not shooting, I spend my weekends in the country horseback riding & spending time with my family.  
I would love to capture your family's love & connection through my lens.  See the contact form below to ask me anything or email me.  Thank you for visiting.

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